Atlanta Sunset

This past Sunday was beautiful.  Clear, blue skies and perfect springtime temperatures. It was the perfect day to try and capture the Atlanta skyline from the Jackson Street Bridge.  Fans of The Walking Dead (filmed here in Atlanta) may recognize this view).  I’ve captured the image before (see my earlier posts), but unfortunately it was during rush hour, so there were a lot of cars in the original image. With this shoot, I was finally able to capture the elusive vehicle-less image.  Notice how there isn’t a single car on the road.  That’s not Photoshop; that’s patience (and a little luck).  Because this is such a busy street (Freedom Parkway exiting and entering I-85/75), it’s a little eerie to me, but that’s also what I love about it.


Thinking Girl

This past weekend, I took my daughter to an empty parking lot to learn how to ride her bike.  It wasn’t the most beautiful setting in the world, but at the edge of the parking lot sat an easy to climb tree that had just started blooming.  While Gabby was taking a break from her (frequent) falls by sitting up in the tree, I was able to capture this photo of her. Although it wasn’t planned, I love how the flowers in the background match her shirt so well.  It was a great afternoon, and ended with a my daughter finally learning to ride her bike and a very proud father.Image

(Wintery) Mixed Feelings

Loved this photo by SeeingSpotsPhoto and had to share. I just love the building – so curious to know what’s inside!

The Road Home The Road Home

See what I did there??  Wintery mix? Get it??

Well, we’ve made it to March.  Spring is just around the corner.  I mean, it’s still 5 degrees out, but officially we have less than 20 days left of winter and I honestly can not wait for warmer weather.  I mean…Northern lights, Iceland, dog sledding…they’re all on the to-do list.  But with none of those being in my immediate future, the next best thing would be a few 60 degree days.  Please and thank you.

So…where do the mixed feelings come in?  New England can be so dang quaint in the winter.

Wrapped in Soft Silence Wrapped in Soft Silence

The first photo is a pretty typical scene around these parts.  Old tobacco sheds are found all over the top half of the state, and when I stumbled (aka, took an adventure-drive) on the scene, it immediately felt like home.


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In flight
In flight

I have no idea why, but for some time now, there have been so many birds gathering around our neighborhood, it’s somewhat surreal.  When outside, the sound of their chirping is almost deafening.  When they fly (simultaneously), it’s almost like something out of a horror movie.  Tonight, while out walking my dog with Oscar (you can see the very low-light picture I took of him on his scooter in the “People” gallery), I decided to try to get a few pictures of the birds.  Because it was an overcast evening, and there wasn’t much in the way of color, I decided to experiment with some black & white adjustments.  I really like the results.  Please feel free to comment — I’m always looking to improve.

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