I am an avid photographer, cook, and homebrewer.


I started taking photographs in the summer of 2012 when I bought a Canon Powershot Elph from a Best Buy vending machine at the Atlanta Airport. It was an impulse buy (I was heading up to Cape Cod to meet my daughters for summer vacation) that inspired me to pursue photography even further. That summer, I realized that by not taking photographs for the past 13 years, I had missed out on numerous opportunities to capture irreplaceable moments with my daughters. The Elph was great point-and-shoot that allowed me to take some nice shots of my daughters (Allie, Emma, and Gabby) and (now) fiancee (Jessica).

Realizing that the memories I could capture through photography were priceless, I quickly realized I didn’t just want to capture moments; I wanted to capture them beautifully. Just days after returning form that vacation, I upgraded my Powershot Elph to a dSLR camera – the Canon T3i – which was a great choice because it provided everything I needed to start down my photographic journey without breaking the bank.

In 2014, I decided to pursue my photography further and begin sharing with others through this website, and social media (Google+). With that decision also came my decision to upgrade my Canon T3i to a Canon 70D. The Canon 70D’s incredible autofocus and its ability to take seven (7) shots per second made taking photographs of wildlife in action and my children at play much easier.

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