In flight
In flight

I have no idea why, but for some time now, there have been so many birds gathering around our neighborhood, it’s somewhat surreal.  When outside, the sound of their chirping is almost deafening.  When they fly (simultaneously), it’s almost like something out of a horror movie.  Tonight, while out walking my dog with Oscar (you can see the very low-light picture I took of him on his scooter in the “People” gallery), I decided to try to get a few pictures of the birds.  Because it was an overcast evening, and there wasn’t much in the way of color, I decided to experiment with some black & white adjustments.  I really like the results.  Please feel free to comment — I’m always looking to improve.


Save $50 on Lightroom 4

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After starting out using Apple’s Aperture 3, I decided to give Adobe’s Lightroom 4 a try, mostly due to the fact that it seemed most serious photographers preferred Lightroom to Aperture.  I’ve got to tell you – I love it!  Once I’ve had more time to get comfortable with Lightroom, I’ll explain what I like better about it, but if you are thinking of upgrading to a more powerful photo management / editing program, I’d recommend going with Adobe Lightroom 4.