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Atlanta Sunset

This past Sunday was beautiful.  Clear, blue skies and perfect springtime temperatures. It was the perfect day to try and capture the Atlanta skyline from the Jackson Street Bridge.  Fans of The Walking Dead (filmed here in Atlanta) may recognize this view).  I’ve captured the image before (see my earlier posts), but unfortunately it was during rush hour, so there were a lot of cars in the original image. With this shoot, I was finally able to capture the elusive vehicle-less image.  Notice how there isn’t a single car on the road.  That’s not Photoshop; that’s patience (and a little luck).  Because this is such a busy street (Freedom Parkway exiting and entering I-85/75), it’s a little eerie to me, but that’s also what I love about it.


Winter Thrasher

Winter Thrasher

A young brown thrasher (Georgia’s state bird) doing his/her best of one of the few snowy days in Georgia. I was outside testing out my new Canon 70D when I heard this little guy moving around in a tree behind me. I’ve never really noticed how yellow their eyes are until I got this photo.